Thursday, February 19, 2015

Photo Tour, A Throwback Thursday, Some Old Friends

Another FROZEN day! Walking city streets on a day like this is mind numbing but that is where I am headed. I don't take needlework to Dr. offices anymore unless I know it is going to be a full day. By the time I set up I note that the light is poor, the chair isn't right etc. etc. So not a whole lot to report on the productivity scale of  zero to one! I have a series of photo's taken when I was playing around with the camera a few weeks ago. So a little share here. Have a good day, remember we change the clocks back on March 8th, and the sun is taking longer to set every day. 

A little painted box, note the pear on the top and the front. This pear thing has been around for a while. 
Found in an odd attic space in our first home, this iron has traveled across the country with us. And my little feathered friends.
Pip berries, so many colors.
One of many framed pieces in Sewtopia. Another snow scene! What is up with all these snow images?
Thriving inside, even if I forget to water it regularly. Benign neglect.
So here is the first clove-pear. Finally dry, well almost dry. I forgot about it for a week or so too and it dried crooked. It will have to be a leaner. The coffee grinder was made by my late FIL. He was an expert wood worker.
I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row.

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