Friday, April 25, 2014

The Aftermath...

Garment Sewing on the Brain. I have been scanning the mountains of Threads Magazines that had only cursory glances in the past, mostly because I was too busy working, cooking, gardening, quilting.  About what I expected. I enjoy the photos, the advanced techniques and fashion previews.
The Sewists Friend (ps, I did cancel my subscription)
All righty then. 48 hours later I said to Mr. Sewtopia..."would you look on my back and see if there are tire tracks back there?"  He said no, but I think he was trying to spare my feelings, yes, I was hit by a truck carrying some wacko Flu Virus! Talk about misery! I remember an episode like this some time in the 1980's and it was no fun then either.  Joint pain, muscle pain, fever, chills, all of the above symptoms plus a loss of  not even wanting to go work with my new Sewing Machine. Now, ladies and gentlemen, that IS serious. I still have serious noodle knees and am rather exhausted  but finally feel semi-human again. Semi-human. I limped to the studio today thinking it would be OK because I would be sitting, right? Well, I moved to a new stitch, didn't change the foot from a single stitch foot and promptly set the machine into spasms and broke a needle. Listen to me, this machine tells me what to do and I still messed up. So, nix that idea.  
One of the many patterns of my past. Lose the shoulders and we may have a plan!
One advantage of being forced to rest a bit is the opportunity to catch up on the emails and Bloglovin posts. Claire Kennedy has written another thoughtful piece that follows my line of thinking. If you are interested follow the link to compare notes at Sewing Artistry. Well, that's all for now, I need tea.

A Very appropriate Tune of the day: I Fall To Pieces, Patsy Cline.
(((insert groan here, really it's all right!)))
Another version 
same song, Leann Rimes

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