Sunday, March 9, 2014

Serenity with Companions-A Family Portrait, Can you Believe the Cuteness?

Facebook somewhere
I saw this on Facebook a while back and just could not resist. (please if anyone knows the source I would appreciate a heads up and a thank you to go out) I am an animal person, a dog person. My dogs are great friends and provide an peaceful communication that one can only have with a pet. This Mom and Dad here (and the owners) likely have their hands full when the puppies are not posing. My question is, how did they get this family to line up for this photo? Those puppies are just too cute.

How often to we see photo's of pets lying at the foot of a wounded soldier, near a casket, shadowing a child on a woodland walk, visiting the ill in hospital or nursing home? Their presence provides a comfort and a serenity that can only be expressed as unconditional love. My Lucy is the best dog I have ever known and I have know a lot of wonderful dogs. To me she brings Serenity on this Sunday and every day.  

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