Sunday, February 2, 2014

In The Workbasket, a Crochet Project

So let me explain. I have a passion and a need for heating pads. My achy muscles and arthritic areas respond nicely to heat. I make the rice filled heating pads and pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes. That provides about 15 to 20 minutes of moist heat. It is re-useable, I have used the same ones for years. However, they are starting to show their age. I will replace the pads themselves soon using a small hand towel, with channels sewn, and rice filling the channels, close the end, done. The covers for these bags are also limping out their last moments of usefulness. So many washes have left them threadbare.
So for a different take I decided to crochet a cover for the one that I take with me to bed at night. I wanted thick and lofty yarn that will hold the heat a while longer. Enter this little project, my own design, the pattern mine own also. 
Crochet is easy for me, comes together quickly. The yarn is Red Heart self patterning yarn. It is soft and the plies are stable, rarely separate. (that drives me nuts)
heating pad cover
I keep my yarn in one of these little acrylic keepers. Stays clean and not tangled as you work.
  • I work the piece in a circle so I don't have to join a side seam.
  • As I worked the pattern it resembled bricks.
  • I plan to close the top with a ribbon but that might change.
  • Few more rows to go. 
  • Will share pattern at the end if you are interested. 
  • The basket is a favorite from the Pennsylvania Basket Company, purchased at the Shaker Woods Festival, Summer 2013, Colombiana, Ohio.
  • The coverlet in the background is Vintage, made from velvet upholstery samples by Husbands Grandmother and Aunt. It is stunning, used for its decorative value not utility. 
 Addendum: posting may be sporadic for a few days while I deal with a family health issue. In the interim, stay warm, stay healthy and consider a crochet project. Almost done with this project, I am thinking of using the pattern for a blanket. Fun, easy, repetitive, just right for a portable project. Well at least until it starts to grow. Or maybe a tote, or..............

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