Monday, February 3, 2014

By Jove, She Finished It!

crochet bag
My goal was to produce a lofty stitch that would hold the heat a little longer that the prior simple fabric bags. Of course, this yarn, a worsted 4, Red Heart medium weight washable and machine dry able synthetic blend is economical and the color is Ocean. One skein is more than enough for this size bag.
The bottom join is a simple slip stitch with a single crochet. Sturdy and well squared off.
the bottom finished like a double ridge

The top was made to form a cuff for closure and for threading the ribbon.

The inside is not lined but I am considering a little drop in lining to stabilize the whole kit. The rice heating pads are heavy and I think it might distort the shape.
  • I am turning into the queen of the quick projects, aren't I?
  • I do like this pattern, lots of texture. I will reuse it.
  • I already have a plan, a portable project while Husband is in hospital. It will do my nervous fingers good. 
  • On the quilting scene, I was thrilled to read an article about Jenny Doan in the Wall Street Journal. If you don't know Jenny you may remember her has the lady who does the U-Tube videos and introduced the quilting world to fun and freedom in quilting with lovely results in a short period of time. Her little empire has grown and grown. The Jelly Roll Marathon is one of her videos. Read the whole article HERE.
That's all for now. A little reminder if you have chosen to follow my habits, this is the first Monday of the month and the mending is due:)

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