Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vintage Christmas Hanky

There was a time, as a child, when it was my great pleasure to gift handkerchiefs to family members for Holidays, Birthdays etc. They were affordable and compatible with my baby sitting and stable cleaning income as well as tangible and wrap-able. Most of the ones I gifted came from a now defunct variety store chain The G.C. Murphy Company. These are two Vintage examples from my collection. They had been used and washed when I found them. I still carry a linen/or/cotton hanky in my purse. It reminds me of a kinder time, when reality TV did not exist, when we were expected to sit up and not chatter, eat or play with toys in church and both television stations signed off at midnight. I was sewing on an ancient Treadle sewing machine and dreaming of an electric zig-zag machine. Ironic that I also received my Singer 99 Hand Crank Machine for Christmas, rather like a time warp.   

I also wanted to share some of these unique gift tags. Each a work of art.

Just click to enlarge the photo for details. Of course, I am saving these...part of my personal Time Warp experiment!

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