Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Like a Finely Coreographed Dance, my Loosely Defined Goals for 2014

Degas, Two Dancers on a Stage, 1874. As a child I studied ballet. I was not very good. Then we moved out to the sticks and trust me, the only Ballet I performed was dancing around stable doo! Then at age 33 I returned to the studio as a means of exercise and female (there was one poor guy in the class, He only lasted a few weeks) companionship. I had just birthed my second child and had the brilliant idea that this would be a good thing. It was, for a year or so then I just became too busy to keep it up. I used to drag Mr. Sewtopia to the professional productions in the city but he put the brakes on it, said he would die if he had to go to another Ballet. Such drama!

So, lets talk about goals. I have usually found that setting goals is helpful. I admit that I am frustrated when I cannot/did not come close to reaching some personally defined deadlines. I used to be much better about it all but I find that I am pootling around all the time. I start something, loose interest or get busy doing something else and it gets relegated to storage bin. Sometimes for posterity. 

I am going to return to some old habits that served me well (prior to the retirement of Mr. Sewtopia which has proven to be a bit of a distraction) in the new year. At least for a while. We have some big things coming up, health-wise, so I want to set up some portable stitching projects to work on during his down time. Hospitals are not always the best environment for creativity but I will do my best. 

My tentative list for January 2014:

The unfinished Christmas wall hanging will go into bin that stores Christmas fabric to be unearthed in the FAll.

I want to cut the wool components for a candle mat project. That will be a portable piece. I have this kit from Primitive Gatherings, tucked away.
 Antique Floral Pennyrug

The Kaffe project will need some attention. I will cut and prepare many of the little triangle pieces as possible to hand piece during waiting time. I need to spend some time studying the Kaffe books that I haven't even shown yet as well.

Circles, circles, circles. I am still going in circles. What was I thinking when I committed to this project. It really is not that big of a deal but I am already numb with the circle business. I will do it, I promised. I just need inspiration while I work. Or an alcoholic beverage. Maybe not such a good idea when using a sharp, sharp rotary cutter :)  
The Inspiration Quilt.

So that's it for now. I already think it is rather ambitious considering everything but all in all I am hopeful. I have some serious shopping to do for a large Guild project and hope to complete most of it in January. More on that some other time.  Toodles.

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