Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Snowy Gate, Planning for the New Year

Christmas 2013
A beautiful gate dressed for the season. (ps, this is not my house) So, did everyone enjoy the day and come out unscathed? I would certainly hope so. I did not have visions of sugar-plums, instead I envisioned fabric. I have several projects that did not get done. Nothing really unusual about that, I tend to overestimate my time and skill then set unrealistic deadlines then chastise my over zealous planning....every year! When will I learn? Probably never. Then again, every time I read Bonnie Hunters blog ( here ) I am absolutely amazed at how ambitious and productive she is! If only I had that kind of drive.

So, the good news is after weeks of waiting my new computer finally did arrive on Christmas Eve, the last parcel our FedEx man was delivering. He still had 45 parcels on his truck, he was exhausted, his day was over.  In 19 years this man has never left an undelivered package on his truck. He said the over-whelming workload was never seen before. The news confirms this for UPS as well. I was very lucky. Now I have to figure out how to use it. It is all new stuff, new applications, new everything.    Lots to work on in the New Year. (only 1 week away!!)

So the bad news, after all the Christmas Dinner prep, the Day and the cleanup, I am too tired to set it up. Tomorrow is another day.

Holiday Conclusions: I will never learn, I always make too much food, and yes, if your drop a roaster that contains a large ham and its juices in it you are going to have a big mess!  My favorite time is the planning of the next event, next project, next Spring. More on that some other time. Dahlings, the Seed Catalogs are arriving. Botanical art bliss. 



Jeanneke said...

The goals you accomplished, projects finished are all starts of new projects, paths, so of new fulfillment and joy, my friend!
Blessings and cheers,


ELMO said...

You'll be up and running in no time!! This year my Christmas has been low key and I have to admit, I miss the madness!!

Corinne said...

Dear Jeanneke, you are so positive all the time. I'm afraid that II am working on that...

Corinne said...

Dear Elmo, I will let you know about "8." I spent hours and hours yesterday. A work in progress.

Next year you can make up for the quiet of this year, yes?

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