Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Naming the New Addition to the Family

In her original bentwood Coffin case,  she arrived safe and sound.

There's a new girl in town. She's a looker too. Not just a pretty face, she has done some work in her day. Her day, according to her serial number was 1927. I wonder what type of work she did?  The Singer 99 hand crank was built to be portable at 2/3 the size of the standard Singer machine of the time. Built from 1913 until  about 1952 electrical conversion kits became available for the modern Sewist to provide an electric option and a light. Because it was considered to be a budget machine many were sold but comparatively not many survived intact.
Just look at that Faceplate!

I mentioned some time ago that I picked up a little habit while attending the Martha Pullen Schools in the 1990's. Everyone named their machines. Of course, many of us fell in love with our Viking machines during the schools, purchased them and then just had to name them! It became quite a game. So naturally I really pondered a name for this machine. I have spent some time studying her workings and admiring her stencils. Nothing came to mind. So I did a little research. In 1927 the most popular female name was Mary. Coming in second and third during the next couple decades (Mary was popular for about 25 years) include; Helen, Dorothy, Betty, Shirley, Barbra, Ruth, Virginia, Elizabeth, Anna, Mildred and Margret.
a little wear on the 'S' and 'I' decal but overall condition is used but good.

No go. Then a brilliant insight occurred while scanning the Pinterest boards.  On a baking board at the time, little cupcake lollipops were arranged on a pretty Holiday platter. There it was, right in front of me and perfect name, Lolly!!!!  That's it, and  works so well! It just suits.  She is just like a little sugar Lolly. I discussed it with the little girl and she agrees, Lolly it is.
The accessory compartment still has its original lid, with turnkey
Lid removed the attachments are all here, I think.
There are a couple that puzzle me, some research is required. It did not come with its instruction manual. There are some online resources I will study after the holidays.

She needs a bit of a lube, it has not been attended to in some time but the innards are clean. The hand-crank to needle timing is a wee bit off as well. The needle has also seen better days.The wooden case is in good condition, needs some moisturizer as well. The Ebay seller commented that it sewed VG. Very good to a Sewist is obviously very different from the VG defined by an auctioneer. Lesson learned, ask to see the stitching on fabric before purchase! I have such a soft spot for antique machines. 
The Handcrank is intact. I am thrilled!

Welcome Miss Lolly we are going to have some fun times. Today, I Only Have Eyes for You by the Flamingos.
Some Links that might interest the collector:
about the singer 99K

threading video

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