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Friday, November 15, 2013

HANDMADE HOLIDAY-Candy Sleighs for Gifts or Party Favors

 Originally posted 12/8/11 at Ellyns Place I thought these were so cute. Great for gifts or party favors they are festive and colorful. Now is a good time to shop for theme ribbon before everything is picked over if you actually have a theme. Of course, with all the coupons and sales coming up in the next few weeks, I will be waiting.

 Here is the original post and tutorial.

Last week at Bring 'n Brag, one of the ladies showed us how she made candy sleighs for Christmas gifts. update! The lady who showed us the sleighs is Lois. Thanks Lois!orJoellen and I decided we needed to make our own!

They were fun to make. We made a dozen of them in about an hour and a half (plus wasted time driving around town looking for Christmas ribbon!) I think it was much easier doing them together so we had extra hands. One person to hold while the other one glues... especially for the first step! First you glue a kitkat bar to two candy canes to create the base. We used hot glue and ran a strip of glue down each candy cane.

candy cane sleighs Next, attach 10 mini hershey bars on top, with just a drop of glue for each. You stack them in a pyramid, first 4, then 3, then 2, then 1, like this:

After all the glue is hard and secure, glue ribbon around your "packages" and a bow on the top. That's it! so cute and fun and your recipient can keep it as a decoration or take it apart and eat all the candy!

I think you should all make some. Come on. You know you want to!
Another pinner wrote, "How cute are these candy sleighs?  Tutorial for how to put together."


Jeanneke said...

Oh dear, tghey're super cute! And sweet :>)


levi john said...

nice and cute christmas decorations.