Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Sew and Sews, Some New Projects

This little quilt is Susan's. Bargello from a striped fabric, brilliant.

I wanted to show you the quilting. This is done on a domestic Bernina machine. The stitch is designed to resemble hand work but you use a mono-filament in the top and rayon in the bobbin, turn the tension up to "9" and you get this. Really nicer in person.

Log cabins are one of my favorites. Rose did this little beauty for a baby. 

Aren't these fabrics perfect for a baby quilt?

Remember the folded fabric stars from the 1980's. They are coming back, here with Linda Sue.

 Jenny has been busy painting silk. This scarf is much prettier in person.
 You might be able to see a little green showing through in the right lower corner. This was caused from the salt she used. It had been used in a prior scarf with greens and blues. The salt must have carried over in the salt and the dampness in the fabric grabbed the green color from the salt.
I think you might be able to see it better in this photo.  
this piece was made from Jenny's fabric. It is stitched with gold thread, unfortunately not visible here. 

another scarf in blues and greens with some yellow

the patterns develop on the wet silk with the salt
Well, that's all for now. Tomorrow I hope to do some work on the Dogwood quilt and then work on reconfiguring the studio. There is a good reason. More on that later. Good Day! 

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Jeanneke said...

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful projects!
Enjoy reorganizing your studio :>)


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