Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Jelly Roll Marathon Quilt-part three

So, as I mentioned in the prior post, I found another Jelly Roll in the same fabric in the stash. What does this tell me? I bought this with a specific project in mind, did I annotate that on the fabric, in my work journal, on my calender? Noooo. I usually am pretty good about such things when I buy two of the same plus a black Kona Jelly Roll. You know I will figure it out after I have used this and cut it all up. Of course I will. (((smile)))

I opened up the Jelly Roll and cut each strip in half, this made 12 piles of fabric each 22 inches long. 
 See twelve piles of strips. I decided to mix them up better than the original Jelly Roll, so I turned every other pile over to pick up in a different sequence while sewing. I set the last set of six aside.
Here we have those short strips sewn into a large set. Next I cross cut this into 2/12 inch pieces.

I trialed these as an inner border. Holy root canal, that won't work!!!  I didn't even take a picture, it was so bad I removed it immediately.  Change of plan, make the first inner border black. It gave the eye a break, a much needed break. Till next time.


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