Friday, October 19, 2012

The Colors of Fall-Landscape Quilt Project?

(I found this photo on an old blog dated 2008, Brian's Blog. Just thought it was a great photo. It was listed under free photo's so I borrowed it, thanks Brian, who ever you are. )

Can you believe these colors? The browns, the oranges, the yellows, with pops of green. Roaming with my camera, my colors are not nearly as clear and clean as this. I am thinking landscape quilt.  I do want to try this again since the last one was a total disaster. After the holidays I plan to make this a new commitment, in the meantime I am collecting ideas. This one is much like my own woods and gardens. I am looking forward to finding a class that can guide me. It seems relatively simple but for some reason, I struggle with the process. 

Sorry for sort of dropping out the last couple weeks. Life has been complicated and I am doing my best to put one foot in front of the other.  I know what I want to do, creatively, I just need to find some time and energy. A New Dear Friend has told me that the spark will come when I stop looking for it. I know she is right. Another blogger, Myrna, talked about her creative process in today's blog post. She has moved her studio three different times within her new home in the last couple months to find the right work space. She craves uncluttered spaces. Another Sewist of my acquaintance has multiple projects in various states of completion hanging all over her walls and on every surface. She is an award winning quilter. I think I lie somewhere in between.

The Word Project: Search

transitive verb
: to look into or over carefully or thoroughly in an effort to find or discover something: as
a : to examine in seeking something <searched the north field>
b : to look through or explore by inspecting possible places of concealment or investigating suspicious circumstances
o look at as if to discover or penetrate intention or nature
: to uncover, find, or come to know by inquiry or scrutiny —usually used with out


DolceDreams said...

Thank you for visiting! I love your photo, I am so ready for Fall...
Have a wonderful weekend,

ELMO said...

I'm going to be watching this progress, what a beautiful photograph, it will make a wonderful quilt.

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