Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take Time for Tea

 The Sew and Sews went to Tea today at the The Boston Shoppes. With permission, I snapped a few photo's of the tea room. Decorated with a Fall theme, the house looked lovely.

 I just had to add a picture of a tea cup night light. Everyone needs one of these, yes?

 Another table in the front room set and ready for service. Those pressed back chairs look so inviting, just like some that were in my Grandmother's house. Time warp. Remember that this house is Victorian, 106 years old. It has been a family home, an antique shop and now a gift shop and tea room. 

Mary Jane wore her hat, her cameo and a frilly blouse.

Jenny has been painting silk, this is a close up of her scarf. I placed my order. Lovely.
the Ladies, in Pearls.

 On the menu: On little square black dishes, on beaded skewers, a sweet potato and sausage mini-kabob with a savory sauce lightly drizzled. I am not a sweet potato person because of the brown sugar and marshmallow memories from childhood. This has given me new ideas.

On the tiered stands: Bottom plate was assorted sandwiches. A ham and cheese, a cucumber, a chicken curry and little savory crab puffs.
Second Plate: lovely and tender cranberry scones and assorted grapes. A whipped apricot butter accompanied the scones.
The top Plate: Assorted cookies and mini-cupcakes. Of course the nice hot tea kept flowing and everyone had a lovely time. After tea, we shopped. Three floors of assorted giftware was available for purchase.   

Our Jenny, the artistic one, with her feather Fascinator. Amazing.

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