Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Dahling! Meet the Anise Jacket by Colette Patterns

October 1st, already, how did that happen? Remember the post of yesterday? I was talking about inspiration from different elements. This is an example of design lines, new patterns, style elements. Meet Anise.
Arrived last week. Just scanning the instructions now. I did pick up the Anise Companion during the pre-sale as well. And of course, my printer is on the fritz. Never fails. I love, love, love this jacket. It is timeless. I have made this similar style in the past a few times. This particular pattern update that impressed me was 1. the front shaping without seaming.  2. The back princess seams on the back and sleeves provides that gentle shaping. 3. Love the lay of that collar.  Pop on over to the pattern site to view all the fabrications and styling for this new pattern. Meet Anise. In addition, Sarai is hosting a tutorial and sew along for this piece.

Even without the companion, Colette patterns have wonderful line drawings and instructions. A very professional and quality presentation.

A booklet of instructions, a little flap envelope to store the pattern, it's all good. 
Of course, I will need to muslin this because alterations will be required. I think this will be a nice little Spring Jacket for me. Too cute! Can an old broad style this pattern, oh yes. You will see:)

Gratuity Moment: Hints of Vintage style that brighten a rather boring wardrobe, if I do say so myself.
*as always, no compensation received or implied.
I rather feel the need to post an explanation at this point. Please bear with me. I am a planner, an over-planner. In an Olympic event I would be a sprinter. Start out fast and then back burner the project and think and procrastinate. It is true. It is not that I don't want to proceed, but I have lost a lot of air in my sails in the last year or so and I am working on it. You may hear about this project or that and not see much posted here. That is because I would likely bore you to death with the minutiae.  Slow but sure, that is my new motto. Plugging the emotional holes is taking a while. Please bear with me. (that is why you will not likely see much about this jacket until Spring!) 

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