Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Can Only Do What You Can Do

 On Sunday afternoons I spend some time gathering my thoughts, reviewing the last week, checking my calendar and planning the week ahead. Of course, these plans seem to be overly ambitious most of the time but I look at the process as setting lofty goals. Without goals, I flounder, procrastinate, stall. No different than the last few weeks, this one has become very complicated, difficult and sad. I did manage to pick the last of the tomatoes, hot peppers and eggplant. Half of the garden beds are cleared, garden structures are piled here and there, never made it to the barn.  

I am always sad when I pick the end of the season harvest.

this years is actually smaller than usual

 Bowls of green tomatoes will likely be Picallilly. Maybe a few fried green. More plans.

These banana peppers are not super hot. Probably the best I have ever grown.
On that note, I will need to take a few days away from the blog. My FIL has gone from being very ill to gravely ill and will likely not survive. He is 87, has had a long and productive life. So while I tend to family needs may you have a good week-end and I will catch up some time next week.

Gratuity Moment: support from dear friends new and old.  


Jeanneke said...

Thinking of you.
Warm regards.

ELMO said...

You and your family will be in my prayers.

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