Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Part One-The One Seam Pants Pattern-Louise Cutting

Recently, at the Sewing Expo, I had the privilege of meeting Louise Cutting. I have admired her patterns, from afar, but never used one. I brought home 5 patterns. This is the first one I will try.
 While I hesitated with this pattern at first, I changed my mind after seeing it made up in the fashion show. My hesitation was the result of a similar pattern from the 80's that looked like clown pants on me. Clown bloomers, that is the description I am reaching for. The waist was bunchy, the legs were too wide, and the fabric I chose was all wrong.

In the fashion show these were styled very well. The fabrications were linen, linen blends, bottom weight wovens in cotton/polys I think and even a lightweight denim.
 Ms. Cutting is known in the industry for her outstanding instructions. You might think, how many directions do you need for a one seam pants pattern! However, not to disappoint, these are really precise. A large portion of the instructions deal with how to personalize fit with these pants. Not just width, length, and crotch length, this pattern includes instruction on how to deal with waistline tilt, a common fitting issue with those of us on the far side of middle age. Using the finished measurements of the garment provided in the instructions seems to provide the opportunity for a better fit.

There are 6 pages of directions that include detailed elements for making the pants in two styles, straight leg and tapered leg. In addition, optional waist darts and leg darts and well as pockets can be applied.

This is a medium weight denim, sort of a striated washed style from my stash. 
My plan is to make the straight leg version. No pockets, no darts. I will build from this as a basic.  This denim will probably be the working muslin. I have some other nice fabrics in my stash that will be next in line if these work out.

Gratuity Moment: Feeling better today. Nothing like a stomach thing to make you reevaluate life!

Visit Cutting Line Designs here.

Gratuity Moment #2: the stash, like mining gold sometimes. Shopping at home:)

1/30/15 ADDENDUM: THIS POST, ABOUT THESE PANTS, IS MY MOST POPULAR POST OF ALL TIME. ON A QUILTING BLOG! ((((smile))) )   I have recently realized that life intruded on the making, posting and sharing of the pants. I do apologize for those popping in here to see the outcome. I have said it before...too many projects, too little time. I will need to work on these again soon to be ready for the upcoming warm weather season. Stay tuned. 

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