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The Weekend, This and That

 Bouquet of the Day, one of the most satisfying moments of my day is the early morning and evening garden walk where I water, dead-head and trim flowers for the day. My cutting garden is a bit smaller these days so I am careful to trim accordingly to not hamper the growth patterns of these flowers. This variety of zinnia survives well, on the stem for days. Right now, one hydrangea bush is bursting and I will trim over the weekend. 

While I plan to sew this weekend (hope, hope, hope) you might find these shows on Netflix to be entertaining. You know, something to watch while you sew on a binding, knit a sweater, or even hand quilt! 


Netflix: The Imitation Game, During World War II, a mathematician leads a team of cryptanalysts as they work feverishly to break the Germans' notorious Enigma code. Downton Abbey stars Mathew Goode, Alan Leech, as well as Benedict Cumberbach and Kiera Knightly.

Netflix: Anatomy of a Scandal, Intense and interesting limited series, a drama of scandal in the upper echelons of British aristocracy and politics. Michelle Dockery, of Downton Abbey, stars. (ps, there are sex scenes)

The Mug Rug.

A different kind of bouquet, mini spatulas! I could not resist. In the land of kitchen widgets I am in heaven. 

A wall hanging above my long-arm, seems a bit crooked right now, it is working hard!

  • I am so far behind in the studio, last year has officially caught up with me because I just found some flag panels that I thought I had passed along. I kept two because I had great plans. I need to make a list!
  • Update: second vendor for the flag bunting delayed delivery two more times. I cancelled. What is going on? These on a ship somewhere as well?
  • The dust experiment conclusions: (In a spray bottle combine: 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil, 3 drops of Dawn Dish washing liquid, and a few drops of an essential oil of your choice.) If anyone really finds a solution for those of us who have a dust OCD condition, they will be millionaires. In my experiment there has been some success. But it is limited. I intentionally did not dust my glass topped living room tables for an entire month. There is very little dust on the glass. The only table with obvious dust is the one near an A/C vent. Now, in all truth, we don't use this room much and it is not a thru-traffic area. In total contrast, the family room, likely the busiest room in the house (minus the kitchen) is a dust magnet. Hardwood floors, giant television, a dog permitted on the furniture, and entrance door...etc. All of these variables contribute to dust, 10 days, max in there. Now the bedrooms were OK for about 10 days as well and the carpet and bed linens likely contribute. 
  • The positives of this experiment, there were no chemicals used in this process, the scent is a nice clean one in spite of the vinegar. (I am not fond of the salad smell in every room.) All ingredients are inexpensive vs. many commercial products. There is NO film on glass, furniture, or over spray. Therefore, it is a keeper for me! My opinion. 
  •     P&J Trading Fragrance Oil | Spring Flowers Set of 6 - Scented Oil for Soap Making, Diffusers, Candle Making, Lotions, Haircare, Slime, and Home FragranceThis the new set of essential oils I ordered from Amazon. I know diddly about essential oils, like where do you rub this one, atomize this one, eat this one. Nah. I put a couple drops in an atomizer, I add it to cleaning solutions, and sachets, etc. This one is inexpensive and I have to say, the scents are lovely. I am not a compensated spokesperson, but I like them. I will provide a link upon request, just comment here or email me.

Have a lovely weekend.


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