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A Happy July 4th to You and Yours!

Since my patriotic bunting never arrived, I am decorating with everything else that I can find in red, white, and blue colors. 

 40,301 Happy Independence Day Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos  from DreamstimeWow, these warm weather months really fly by, don't they? The picnic event of the year is upon us and in spite of my vow to no longer be the cook, hostess for all these things I have changed my mind. I have adopted a little plan to cook/stand for a period of time then rest for a bit to reduce my discomfort. I have been practicing all week, results are mixed, of course, because surgery looms in my future but I am still of the mind to delay as along as possible. Good decision? Who knows but it is mine and I own it. 

That said, I wanted to wish you all a meaningful holiday. While this day is celebrated with picnics, fire works, and family gatherings, I remember the teachings of my youth where the cause, the cost, and the process of gaining and maintaining this freedom were emphasized. Never more than now, while witnessing the Ukranian struggle, is this more important. I do not get into politics here but the daily or almost daily post of a young Ukranian woman and their conditions and struggles remind me just how much danger she is experiencing. She is a cross stitch designer, her work is available on ETSY. Bombs day and night, utilities off and on, food shortages, medication shortages, death all around, yes, the cost of freedom is high.  

This little flag banner has been around quite a while, a dot of color! 


Our flag is proudly flying. I hope you are well and enjoying this glorious day. While I am preparing the picnic foods I had the urge for some soup so this is cooking away in the slow cooker. After I spend the day chopping and cooking I just want to have a nice little sit and something calming to have for dinner, thus this soup and the leeks were beautiful in my favorite grocery!


 Over on Kitchen Chronicles the recipe for my Leek and Potato Soup, HERE!






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