A Field Trip for Tea!


We are blooming, yippee!

Last week I mentioned a tea party with friends, here we are. A little local tea shoppe with select rooms brimming with gifts for Christmas.   Garlands, twinkle lights, festive tablecloths (and while I understand the use and likely need for the plastic coverings...no. no. no.) In spite of that, we had a lovely time. 

A large table by the front window was reserved for a small bridal party. Notice the Santa cutout standing by the fireplace. 
In a moment of weakness, a home-made cake, white with a real raspberry filling! 

Holiday themed dishes. Happy little centerpiece.

Full-sized cutout of the Polar Express Movie dotted the first floor in preparation for a children's theme tea scheduled for the weekend. this Conductor apparently has startled a few visitors and the owner when stocking shelves at night, There have been rumors for decades that there is an upstairs room, directly above this entrance way, that is haunted. Mmmm. 

 As Lola and I made our early morning walk, the sun was coming up and the brisk air jarred my somnolent brain. It reminded me of all the projects that are sitting, unfinished in the studio. I so dislike that, but circumstances have rocked the schedule! I am hopeful that the weekend will offer up some blocks of time to finish some things. Gifts half-finished three weeks before Christmas, not good. No photo description available.


ELMO said…
I haven't been here in a while, I thought you stopped, happy to see it's still up.