Monday, May 15, 2017

What Do You Do With '90's Decor Fabric?

A few weeks ago The Ladies of the Cloth were in their usual gathering space when we noticed a box of fabric tucked in a corner of the room. One member mentioned that it had been there a couple weeks and she thought it was meant to be for us to use. We sorted through the box and found some very nice pieces, including a sample of this fabric that was used to make the formal draperies in the Parlor Room (where we have our tea parties) from the 1990's. Mmmm. I love these floral pieces even though they are no longer in favor among the decorating diva's. If it isn't white or gray these days you are so last century! 

So, as is usual for our Terri, she gathered up the pieces and used them to practice on her new Baby Lock Coronet. Outline quilting the large floral motif's and practicing circles and stipples on the negative space led to the pretty little item.
     Coronet 16" Long Arm Machine and Frame

I am not sure what the finished product will be, likely a pretty little table runner. I know there is a name for this particular type of free motion stitching but I cannot recall it at the moment and my Google searches have led me in a million directions, many of which are very interesting.

*I will post the finished product when I can, OK?

Have a lovely Monday. If you need a smile just click on the link below, tolerate the advertisement, and see a montage of sweet little dogs smiling.

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