Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rock Your Baby

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Seen on Facebook by a lady named Kay Larch of Greenville, SC. Reminds me of a Kaffe fabric!

George McRae, Rock Your Baby!

Rambling Thoughts on a Tuesday Night
  • I cannot imagine a life without music, all kinds. I go from the Brandenberg concerto to George McRae in a blink.
  • I used to blast the radio and dance with big Yellow Dog, Auggie. He loved a nice back beat, tail would wag and I swear he was smiling. The UPS man saw us one day, I don't think he could believe it since the dog hated him and wanted to have him for a chew toy! 
  • Miss that dog.
  • Roamed Joann's today, have not done that for a while. Did see some nice Nicole Miller fabrics, otherwise not much different.
  • This passion for a late night coffee might not be my best idea today.

When Will I See You Again? The Three Degrees
  • carry on

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