Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Refreshing The Summer Quilts-The Stackers Quilt by Jenny Doan-Part #1

It is time to start refreshing the Summer quilt collection. I  keep a lap sized quilt on every rocking chair on both porches. Even in the warmest weather, I can pick up a chill in the morning or evening while reading and rocking. Because these are mostly outside and get bounced around a bit I like to make them light and bright, quick and easy with simple patterns that showcase the fabrics. Enter the Jelly Roll quilt genre. The one in the photo above was stitched up in no time using a left over Jelly Roll. I still have a significant collection of them but also gifted some to others, particularly beginning quilters who have seen the videos and are sure this is a good beginning for them. I agree.

Under my needle right now is the "Stackers Quilt."  (a Jenny Doan design) Using one white jelly roll and one colored one I spent one afternoon block of time on my sewing day to cut the pieces. The white strips are cut into 10 inch segments, the patterned one into 8 inch segments. The construction is simple and fun.  Making the Stackers Quilt video is a great little tutorial to explain the method. 
Opening a Jelly Roll is like opening a gift, Each piece of fabric is special unto itself but coordinates with each separate fabric. Love it.

My selection for the patterned roll was Wren, by Moda. This fabric line came out a couple years ago. I have made and gifted two quilts from the fabric and pre-cuts I had from this line. This roll was a left over and I think I have a layer cake or two somewhere in the collection as well.
Making the quick little quilts lets me experiment with all the other functions on the Baby Lock Destiny. I used the guide beam all the time on the Baby Lock Unity. With the markings on the bed as well as that nifty 1/4 inch foot, my seams are more accurate.

In the quilting menu, many options are available.

Join the short ends, alternate a 10 inch white piece with an 8 inch colored piece. 4 color segments and 4 white segments. 

Can you see that block finger like thing sticking out on the right side of the foot? It is calibrated to a scant 1/4 inch by moving the needle one click in the settings menu. Even though this foot is a single stitch foot with a single needle hole, there is just enough space to move that needle.

You can see how that black flange finger rides along the fabric edge to guide you.

This function adjust the position of the guide beam left or right to adjust your seam width.

I sewed the strips in pairs, white on the bottom, color on top, right sides together. Then attach these strips into fours etc.
Insights this week: or some peevish comments from me:
  •  Never underestimate the benefits of a well fitting bra.
  • The old adage of wearing horizontal stripes makes you look fat is true, don't let anyone tell you that is a fallacy.
  • Confirmed by friends: don't let anyone borrow your tools.
  • Procrastination is becoming a catch phrase for me. I need to change that.
  • An off-and-on all day rain is better than snow. Be thankful.
  • Threads magazine staff (editorial and circulation) are to be commended. I have had some problems recently, wrote a little email to them yesterday, they returned my email and generously fixed the problem. That doesn't happen much in these times. I subscribe because I learn, I am inspired and I dream. Nothing bad in that, right?
Interesting article about the decline of traditional skills.

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