Monday, May 2, 2016

First Monday of the Month, Work Habits, the Busy Season

Spring is such a busy season for me. My herb garden is already working overtime and I will need to harvest thyme and French onion chives this week. It seems the weeds are on hyper-grow! I remove them and a little bit of rain gives them new life. This day will be spent dealing with them as well as the first Monday of the month ritual.
So here we are friends, the first Monday of the Month, in May! Our recent rainy and cool weather seems to want to defy the calendar but the leaves are opening, blooming trees are stunning this year and the perennial flowers are poking their little heads toward the sun.

For me, in keeping with my attempt to maintain my routines, the date on the calendar means mending. Oh yippee! Not my favorite task but a necessary one. I have a few well washed aprons that need tending and a t shirt or two that need hems repaired.  Working with the Babylock Rachel, I am using the three step zig-zag to secure the trim on an apron tie. No big deal but I know the whole thing will unravel the next time it is washed.

As many of us know, large blocks of time to sew are hard to come by. I have chosen to set aside little bits of time by setting up my little projects the day before. Then when I have the time,  I can sit down and work. I am working on this string quilt in bits and pieces. By choosing to set up task boxes with components ready for use, I can sit down for 30 minute segments and at least get a few blocks done. After chipping away at the pile of strips a few blocks emerge. These are paper backed using a light weight deli paper.

The little bit at a time method helped me finish this one last Spring.

My motto: slow down, take time, and enjoy the process. Have a productive first Monday and we will see what I can get done, yes?

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