Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Wardrobe Project, 2015: My Three Sewing Sins

Curl up in a comfy chair and have a little think. (image facebook)

 Let me take some time to summarize some issues that plague me, and maybe you as well.  My Three Sewing Sins. There are more I am sure, but I don't want this to sound like True Confessions!!!
  1. While we are working on our individual projects it is important to not feel pressured to meet deadlines. The joy of sewing our own clothing comes with care we take. Fabric is expensive, respecting that will remind us to take care with our work but at the same time one should not fret and fuss. I am my own worst enemy. 
  2.  Fast and Furious...There are basic items that I make over and over, such as T shirts, that are essentially automatic sews. In a hurry I ran the machine (Ovation Serger) too fast and stretched a side seam. Slow Down. However, this year I am working on some new patterns to customize. I am also considering copying a favorite new top that I purchased on-line, sight unseen, never tried. It is perfect. The fit, the fabric weight, the style work well for me. More on that some other time. 
  3. Fabric Passion. So here we are, roaming the aisles in a fabric store and it almost jumps out at me. That enticing fabric, the one you NEED. No idea what for, no idea how much to buy! Is three yards enough, skirt, pants, jacket! Would 5 yards be safer? How much, how much? So I buy 6 yards, you never know. Now I have a large walk in closet full of yardage that has yet to be realized in fashion. See what I mean?
Thinking of something cute? This is the new Kwik Sew 0216!

Kwik Sew Misses' Shaped-Overlay Skort and Skirt 4161
Skort, skirt, Kwik Sew 4161

Line DrawingGreat for picnics, golf, errands. Too cute and if you didn't like the asymetrical front panel, just cut it straight.

Colette Blog, Issue 15 of Seamwork Magazine-an inspiring and timely post. Check this out!!!!

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