Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Saturday Share, The Casserole Cover

One of my favorite things about early Winter is waking to a sore throat, nasty cough and a dripping face. Egad, right before Christmas. This is ridiculous! Thankfully, sewing friend Susan gave me a great idea for today's share. The casserole cover/tote. In the past I have made these, added a little casserole dish, and add a bow of some sort for a shower gift. The cover, in pretty fabrics, becomes it's own wrapping paper. I add a pot holder set as well. I may start doing that again, it has been a while.

Anyway, Susan made this lovely carrier from some batiks and shared it with our Tuesday stitching group, The Ladies of the Cloth.
Susan chose these stunning batiks!
The inside, the pocket is on the bottom,

She used the free pattern available on All People Quilt. The Pattern, here. 
  • Let us all remember that bridal shower season will be upon us before we know it!
  • Then again, like me, you may need a nice, shiny new one for picnic season, right?
  • What about a Housewarming gift? Many of my friends are considering down-sizing and moving to a smaller home. What a great idea for that first week after moving when dishes are still packed away and there is little or nothing in the house to make for dinner?  
 Did you know that the Danube River really is blue? The Blue Danube Waltz here.

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