Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cross-Stitch Samplers

Patty Dovecote Sampler, in progress. I have been pecking away at a few little hand projects while recovering from the Bug From Hell. This project was started several months ago, on-line, color choices were not specified, choice was yours. While I downloaded the pattern I didn't get started until this week. I carried it with me on my travels but it just never got started. It is one of those fun little "school girl sampler" patterns that mimic the antiques. Genuine pieces have great value and collectors cherish them. I will work on this one, stain it up and pretend.

fun, cheapo Even-weave fabric from Joann's. (not exactly even-weave but the irregularities and slubs in the fabric make it look a little old to me, what can I say?)

If you are interested in the project, just click on the link below.

Kathy Barrick's free design chart, Patty Dovecote!

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