Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Some Inspiration from Quilt Market, Fall 2015.

 Big Quilts

Quilts, quilting, people who quilt, people who like quilts, that is what is bouncing around in my wee brain today. Since I have always sewn something it is truly second nature to me. Any free time is either spent sewing, planning to sew or researching quilts, techniques and finishes.

AT the recent quilt event I attended we were pleased to meet, in person, Moda designer Deb Strain.

 One of Moda's longest running designers, she guided our assembly step by step illustrating how she designs a fabric line and builds the accompanying fabrics around the original design. She has many samples of her sketch work, the final designs, finished quilts and fabrics to be released next year. A great story teller, I wish I had a tiny fraction of her talent. Her husband came with her and provided some interesting anecdotes to enhance her stories. She mentioned time and again how great it is to work for Moda. Home base for this large company is in Dallas. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to work at a job you absolutely love for a company that supports your art and your craft? Sign me up!     Deb's biography here.

That brings me to Fall Market, 2015. Oh my. The inspiration is everywhere. Just when you think there is nothing new under the sun you will be so, so wrong. Here is just a sample from one company (Moda) to whet your quilting appetite!

inspiration from Quilt Market click on this link!!!

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ELMO said...

I couldn't sleep, then I couldn't get off the Mode website. Thank you for posting this, very inspiring.

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