Monday, November 9, 2015

Little Kitten Mittens

If I know one thing for sure, I am a lousy knitter. Besides lacking the innate skill I don't work at it. I have tried and tried, I even promised myself at the beginning of the New Year (last year) that I would make a more concerted effort. I lied. The only way I am going to improve my skills is to have a teacher. Terri of The Ladies of the Cloth fame is an expert. After the next New Year I am going to rededicate myself to learning the craft. Terri, will you help me?

In the meantime I watched Terri whip up these little mittens during one of our gatherings. I am amazed. She just twittles her needles and manipulates her yarns and little miracles appear.
I am starting to prepare, I need all the help I can get. You may smile now. 


kate steeper said...

Good luck with the knitting , its a standing joke that i may be good at most other crafts but what comes off a pair of needles is the stuff of nightmares for me . I just dont get any better at it.

Beatrice Wins said...

The best way to succeed is to select a project you really, really want. It will help you over many hurdles

Your new teacher

celkalee said...

Ahhh Kate, I feel your pain! I am hoping that my new teacher, Terri, will be able to settle me down and teach me how to do more than a miserable garter stitch! See you tomorrow Terri.

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