Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Colors Popping on Black

Several weeks ago I shared this beautiful quilt with you in its unfinished state. Since then Karen has assembled the blocks onto the black background added the sashing and borders. The chevron border really makes the blocks pop.
 Isn't this a dynamic print? Recent trends in modern quilting have featured geometric prints and chevrons as borders and binding. I really like the look. A striped fabric in a binding is another statement for framing a quilt.
Another 'modern' element for this quilt is the center motif. Please note that it is not a traditional circle it is a four triangle square! I know there is a name for this but I don't know it! Great work Karen!

  • Are you one to embrace modern interpretations of traditional blocks?
  • Have you tried using more solids in your work? These mottled solids are a nice transition between print and solid fabric.
  • Are we going to miss the talent of our snowbirds at the Ladies this Winter? Yes, yes we are.
*a little side note. I just realized a rather annoying glitch in one of the blogs I read from my Bloglovin feed. I clicked on the post and it immeadiately went to a car ad. Not once, every time. I thought my mouse was acting up so today I tried it again, on another post, same blog. I did not touch the mouse and it bounced right over to the ad. This tells me that the blog is sponsored by this company and it has been rigged to take you there over and over because they get reimbursed per click. Fixed that, deleted the feed. I don't mind an honest "I get a nominal fee if you click on this ad" right up front but do not trick me. Done. I may have been born in the Morning, but not yesterday morning!!!!

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Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! Those colors are amazing--awesome quilt

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