Monday, September 7, 2015

Blocks in a Row

Again this year the shop-hop row quilts are everywhere on the web and in the shops. Open to varied interpretation, this design style provides the basic pattern from a participating shop and the maker then designs and fashions the rows with personalized blocks and sashing. Strong colors tend to be a hallmark in this style. Most of the ones I have seen really pop and each row is a little story unto itself. A modicum of embellishment enhances the overall design. For example, in the bottom row of this one, the row with the umbrellas, please note the rainbow to the right of the yellow umbrella. It is actually various colored yarn. While the maker has not fully attached the embellishment I know it adds so much to the over all appearance and continuity of the row.
This quilt was hand pieced and quilted-as-you-go by Linda Sue. Check out the bathing beauties peeked out of the cornerstone cathedral window blocks!

A totally different subject, the Downton Costume traveling exhibit. Sewing with Nancy has two videos up showing remarkable details of day wear and evening wear from the show. Do set aside a few minutes to view them here!!! 

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