Friday, July 10, 2015

A Few Blooms in Sewtopia

On a rare sunny day I popped out to get some photo's of the few flowers in bloom in Sewtopia. It is a sad state of affairs here. On the bottom right you see the glorious Foxglove bed. All green, lots of leaves, not a flower stem in the bunch. I am hopeful and have not dug them out. We need Sun people, Sun!
Scotch Moss in a small planter on the step riser. Because the front of the house (North Facing) is heavily treed my Sunlight there is limited to a spurt in the early morning, thus the Moss.
Three little Scotch Fairy Moss plants in the large planter. They are finally starting to grow. Geez, it is July already and everything is stunted because of all the rain.
The self seeded Foxglove....blooms oh blooms where art thou mighty stalks?
A Gnome and his mushrooms. With their weeds that grow over night. Darn it.
Can you stand how sweet these little Clematis are when they wind around something?
A gift from my Older Son years ago, this plant has survived the worst Winters, dreadful Stink Bug infestation and parching Sun. In Sewtopia we wait for the Sunshine.

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