Thursday, June 11, 2015

On the Popularity Countdown is Number 5, (I am starting to feel Like Casey Kasum) the Nine Patch Scramble, We are Back to Quilting!

This is interesting. When I first pulled this post out of the stack I was having some trouble remembering some of the fabrics, not all. In addition, the finished quilt top was not ringing a bell! Now, where in the world did I put that one!!! I am starting to fear dementia, for many reasons and this had me taken aback. Whew, it is a reference post posted on Google search or Utube or something similar from In Stitches Quilt Studio,,,,thank you.  My nine patch scramble is in the pile somewhere but this is not it. I feel much better now. These quilts are great stash busters and you can change them up a couple different ways. I hope this inspires you (and me) to get those unfinished ones, (mine are from a work shop) done. I rarely ever finish workshop projects in the workshop itself. Some of them get done at home, some of them go to the queue, and some of them go into the circular file. Enough said.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still Thinking About Quick Quilts-The 9 Patch Scramble

so here we have your average mixed/scrappy 9 patch, assembled and cut on the bias angles, then you mix the triangles up, spin them around. I found this on a Pinterest board and here is the link to the blog it came from here. I am thinking how lovely this would be in batiks. Or Kaffe fabrics...........mmmm, ideas!    
and here you go, this one is called the 9 patch ScrambleII

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Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! The quilt is beautiful--love your fabrics

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