Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Number Four is a Field Trip to IKEA!

Diversity. Number four in popularity on Sewtopia is a post about a Field Trip to IKEA! Who Knew? Well, who doesn't find something at IKEA now and then, right? For me it is the organizational doo-dad's and fabrics. I remember this day clearly. It is bittersweet. I had dropped my Dear Son off at work and ran up to the IKEA to see the new drapery fabrics. It was a hot, breezy day and all seemed right with the world. Interestingly, with each of these posts I have memories attached. Some good times.
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Field Trip, IKEA, Fabrics

Since I was in the area anyway, I decided a field trip was in order. When you see those little flags flapping in the breeze and that big blue building, ideas come forth.
I was the second patron in the building that day, hence the empty parking lot:) My quest this day was fabric and texture. I was fortunate because a lot of new stuff had just been displayed and many older favorites were back in stock. This post will be photo heavy to show what appears to me to be a new trend here. Lots of dark neutrals, lots of nature inspired prints and lots of texture. So, on with the show.
these drapery panels have always been a favorite of mine but have not been available recently. they are fully lined with predominate colors of off whites, grays and browns.
a throw, some sort of poly, puckered, brown, looks sort of like tree bark

speaking of tree bark, drapery panel. grays and blacks

drapery panel, leaves in black outline

this pillow has been around for a while, lots of nice greens and grays and some yellow

woven poly of some sort, reminds me of a skirt I wore in high school

another pillow, easy to copy with a little yarn and embroidery thread, nature theme
drapery panel, serpentine raised threads on off-white background. colors are brown, taupe, pale blue and a goldish color. These came home with me for the family room. They need to be cut down a bit, they are 96 inches in length and I need 84 inches. I may be able to do something with the left-overs. More on that in another post.   

these are stationary panels. there are 3 gray panels behind these two white/black ones. they are mounted on a track system so they really aren't stationary because you can slide them back and forth. A really nice option, I think but not really suitable for my house. So, just so you know, I only purchased the one pair of draperies, and a few little kitchen ditties, in case husband is reading this. There are many bolts of fabric as well that can be cut to order. I had planned on taking photo's of that display as well, but the sales person in that department had obviously had lemons and pickles for breakfast so I saved it for another time. A good reason to go back out to check out what might be new, interesting or just plain fun. 

Gratuity Moment: A free hour or so to window shop, to plan, to study.

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