Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Tuesday Tea in the Middle of a Day

 Sewing, I hardly remember when I didn't... sew that is. I consider it to be part of me. Part of my history and certainly a clear definition of who I have become. Is it possible that we have a pre-programed gene that guides us to certain activities, proclivities or passions? I think that is possible. My Fraternal Grandmother made her living sewing. My Mother's dear half-Sister was an expert seamstress. Beyond that I have no idea. But one thing I do know, from early childhood I was curious and anxious to see what all I could do with a needle.
My train of thought this day.....
some of my Polish Pottery collection
Just as sewing is part of my innate self the cuppa is as well. Many of life's good and not so good moments have been experienced over a cup of tea. Normally I have a bit of a 'bog-down' around 3 pm. Everyday, for years and years this has occurred. No matter where I am or what I am doing I stall out. Truthfully, I am a terrible sleeper and tend to be up before sunrise. I know, ridiculous. I usually take a few minutes to have a relaxing cup of tea for energy. During my afternoon tea (and a piece of classic cheese filled crumb cake this particular day a few weeks ago) I was up to my ears in fabric scraps and thread trying to decide where to send my creative energy. I wish I had seen these little beauties at that time. I know I have a pattern, somewhere :)

 One of our former regular members, Marion, Jenny's Mother, made these lovely little pieces. Essentially potholders, it would be a shame to grab any sticky pot with these beauties!
  • A small project between the big ones is like a palette cleanser for the creative soul. When Jenny shared these at our group meeting many of the members felt the need to do something similar. 
  • I enjoy little projects because they offer a sense of completion long before a larger quilting piece.
  • Life's little rituals keep us on track, remind us of how life can be softened by a little sharing, a little kindness and lots of forgiveness.

Amy author of Sweetly Stitched Handmades. Her book tour and photo tour of London. April 24th

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