Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Spring Thing

 Another Three Rivers Quilt Show 2015 example. With its blues and greens, a pop of yellow here and there and some neutrals for separation this quilt looks absolutely floral to me. Turned with its long side parallel to the floor I see this as the perfect piece for my Spring/Summer family room decor. The hexagon shapes are with the theme of this show but this interpretation is artistic as well because the abstract placement of the hexi's push it into the art quilt form as well. For me anyway.

Quilts bring out the best in us, don't they? Particularly the ones that have glorious colors echoing the Season. Do you change your quilt decor to enhance the season or the holiday? I do a bit but I wish I had more quilts to help me accomplish that goal. I recall pics in grand magazine shoots that have quilt upon quilt all within a color family that defines the space. Not just bedrooms, but stairways, family gathering spaces and as table coverings.  Full size quilts adorning beds and another across the bottom for another punch. Mini quilts atop table tops in the entrance to a charming home announces to visitors that the person who lives her is a quilt maker or quilt collector. Or both :) Then the wall hanging quilt in traditional patterns, landscape or art style hanging from a wall or in a vaulted stairway or even draped across a banister. It's all good.  

Sherika, Design Indulgence

Spring, Spring, Spring!The colors of the season.
The Cherry Blossom Bonsai, what could be more Spring themed than Cherry Blossoms. This little quilt is a miniature wall piece that stood out among so many other small quilts hanging near by. The reason, dimension.
Another hexagon that looks very floral to me for example is this quilt. It could blend in with any decor because of its neutral colors and (excuse the description) shades of gray. Modern and traditional with top to bottom color gradations,  it is a beauty. And as I have mentioned many times, every quilt was beautiful, distinctive and worthy of merit. Great show. More to come. 

  • A glimpse of Spring, on the back porch, in my rocking chair, wrapped in a wool blanket huddled over a steaming cup of coffee. 
  • Gone too soon, rain, chill breeze and clouds...lots of clouds. 
  • Multi-course dinner in progress for tomorrow. Eggs gently rocking in a large pot that I have used for this purpose for years. I won it actually in a work related economy initiative. My idea was to lower the wattage on some light bulbs in a room predominately used in daylight with large windows. That was sort of dah! no brainer. This prize was professional grade cookware, cost a fortune, I could have lit that room with high wattage light for the next 100 years with what that cost.. At the time it made sense.   
  • Have spent the last 24 or so hours thinking about the projects in the queue. Next week, back to work. 
  • No Easter bunnies here. Darn.

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