Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tea Time in Sewtopia

I haven't done a Tuesday Tea for a while so let me introduce you to Peter, my new friend. Isn't he absolutely adorable? If you remember back a few weeks I was still breading fish, lots and lots of fish every Friday. During these times the workers get to talk and get to know each other because the fish aren't saying a word, trust me on this. Anyway, a dear lady who was across from me on the breading line shares a William Sonoma passion. You know she is a gem in my book! We shared little gifts at the end of Lent and I am most certainly the lucky one here. Enter this sweeter-than-sweet-can-be tea cup. Every day I drink my evening tea in this little cup. I know, aren't I lucky?  Thank You, Yvonne.

  • Now I am going to say this only once, no disparagement involved but I want to go on record to say that IF Bruce Jenner grows a set of WINGS then give me a call. The rest of this stuff is just making me twitch. Just saying. 
  • I decided to put off the super clean until the first week of the month. (it was my habit forever and ever, then I changed it, now I am changing it back. It just feels better.) This week is just crazy, no time to clean. I did work on a quilt all day though. I am working on keeping my priorities straight. 
  • We have a wonderful young neighbor who helps Mr. doing some of the heavy work around here. When I fear that the younger generations are missing the point I look at someone like him and know that I am terribly wrong. 
  • Major projects around here. We have a gigantic double trunk cherry tree that is about 4 feet in diameter and about 200 feet tall. It has split and needs to come down, soon. We found an arborist who will be here in 2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully, no storms will come before then.These things happen when you live in the woods. Every couple years we need to examine the trees close to the house and out buildings and have them removed. 
Got to do some good work today. Makes me happy.

The Plight of Garment Workers

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I love your wabbit!

Finished! Fini! Afgewerkt! Finito!

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