Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shameless Dinner-Ware Obsession

You know how I am with this stuff, nothing has changed. If I were down to my last dime I would probably pick up some new dishes. Can't help it, don't really want to. I may be on the verge of coveting these.

Farmers' Market Dinnerware Collection
Be still my fluttering heart!
Williams-Sonoma Farmers Market Collection. Much like the Fall collections these are graphic, artistic and colorful. 
Farmers' Market Dinnerware Collection
I am not embarrassed to admit this passion, it is who I am and quite frankly if I could afford it I would buy them all.

  • I have been invited to attend a special event at my local store. New products will be presented and there will be a tasting of Blueberry Pie. I am allowed to bring a guest. We will be all over that.
  • Do you have a passion like this? What do you do about it? Do you avoid the stimulus or just ride along with it?
  • In the middle of an embroidery program this afternoon I had a bent needle. Cow-a-bunga! What a disaster. Eventually I was able to remove the hoops, the embroidery foot and the offending needle. Bells were ringing, lights were flashing, warnings were popping off every time I touched something to try to disengage the whole business. I had to cut the embroidery itself away from the needle. That meant throwing it away. Killer.
Not sure what happened but I have an idea. I think the presser foot was set a little too high, causing a tympanic bounce with the stitching that eventually twisted the needle just enough to make it hit the plate and bend. After that, it was no go for man or beast!
  • So dear friends have the best week end that you can. For those who are dealing with serious health problems themselves or with their loved ones my thoughts and prayers are with you. Next week we will try again, we will accomplish things, we will cope with what comes along and our friends will be there to help us.

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Jeanneke said...

I am as addicted as you to that kind of extremely beautifully decorated, hoewever unaffordable dinner ware...
I occasionally by a single (small) item, just to enjoy and to cherish, in my cupboard, on my table!
Have a wonderful day, my friend,


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