Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quilty Goodness

Two Color Quilts. While each of these fan/clam shaped blocks are different off-white fabrics they all read as one neutral. The quilting on these is gorgeous. Precision with curves, each one spaced beautifully.The contrasting dark blue blocks mirror the off-white. This is a beautiful quilt.
The intricate applique on this quilt is pure whimsy. The floral center medallion and border fabric frame each of the applique shapes in the same color family. 
This stocking quilt is so cute. I have never seen this pattern before and it would look darn cute above my fireplace at Christmas, just saying.
Another quilt of many colors. It all works.
  • I spent most of the day driving today, exhausting. I would be less tired if I were hauling rock from behind the barn!
  • I am getting the urge to get another dog. Good glory Wilma, take a deep breath. Not the time for that,,,,, but geez, you see all the little dogs on the news abandoned or neglected and it pulls at the heart strings, yes it does. We had a recent story of the sweetest little Beagle named Gracie found wandering in a transition neighborhood after being kicked in the back or hit by a car. She was paralyzed from her mid-back all through her legs. Poor little bugger needed so much therapy and treatment. Not a candidate for surgery, she has been fitted with a wheeled mobility harness. Adopted last week by people I know, former co-workers,  she could not have gone to a better home. Such a sweet little dog. So many sweet little dogs.
  • We drove past the house where I spent my early childhood. The house where family gathered for holidays and picnics. The house where my Grandparents lived on one side and my Father, Mother and I lived on the other. Then my little Sister came, it was a joyful house. My Aunt and Uncle lived next door with two children. We were always in and out of each house, on Sundays we spent the mid-afternoons with the Grandparents after church. Talking, having our traditional Sunday desert...a slice of cake and a slice of ice cream from a half gallon frozen cardboard container. It always tasted like cardboard. My Grandfather strictly believed and enforced that NO work was done on Sundays. We sometimes sang and played instruments. Only in the early 1950's did he permit the reading of the Sunday newspaper. Good times that, the early memories. The house as it exists now bears little resemblance to the original house. They removed the large front porch years ago. Gone is the white painted clapboards and green trimmed shutters. Now camouflaged with Cape Cod style shingles I think. From the road above the house it was difficult to tell. Gone are the two large pine trees that fronted the little sidewalk that connected the two houses. The railroad tracks that ran in front of the property are gone as well, it is now a walking trail that is part of the Greater Allegheny Passage. I didn't mind the trains, the noise and the trembling of the old house when they passed. It was comforting in an odd way. The house would be a bit over 100 years old now, it was originally a homestead built by my Grandfather when he married my Mother's Mother. She died in 1918 during the flu epidemic. I accidentally stumbled down memory lane, it was good. (sorry for the ramble)
  • I am a full month behind on the Pear Project. I need to get back to that.

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