Monday, April 6, 2015

Fiber Art That Just Happens to be a Quilt!

 I suppose when you see the long view of this quilt the Art element may not be obvious. Not so my Pretties this one is a stunner and quite frankly can only be truly appreciated in person. Well, my photographic skills certainly do not do it justice. This entry was submitted by the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Smocking Guild. Right now the representative states they have 5 members and wanted a public presence at our show to highlight the organization and sell this quilt as a fundraiser. It worked. 
 Each one of the little dresses on this quilt are handmade, smocked and embellished. A work of art.
These itty-bitty dresses are each about 5 inches in length. The detail is absolutely amazing. The smocking here is highlighted with tiny seed pearls.
The quilting is beautiful and the overall appearance of the quilt clearly defines it as a piece of art. Picture this hanging in a sweet little girls bedroom as a centerpiece. Perfect.

 This is Art that just Coincidentally happens to be a Quilt! See a video about this winner from the Lancaster show. Gobsmacked I am.
  • The Smocked Dress Quilt sold quickly, originally priced at $600.00 it sold higher. Still very under priced in my opinion. Someone got quite a deal here. 
  • We are all now aware of the new Guild now :) 
  • Did you check out the video link? If not, please do. Nailheads in a quilt? Who knew.
  • I have specialty and serving dishes spread out over two rooms right now. Mr. decided to help by unloading the dishwasher but has no idea where anything goes. Guess what I will be doing this morning? 
  • Then a little sort out in the Studio,  my usual Saturday clean was set aside so I could do the prep work for dinner on Easter Sunday. Some in-progress items need work as well. Toodles

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