Sunday, March 15, 2015

Part Two, The Service Quilts

The Quilting Bee - Artist -Morgan Weistling

While there seems to be a little more friction in the online quilting community lately it is important to understand those black clouds of the quilting world are in the minority. Most of the bloggers and online business sites are generous to a fault. Like the old fashioned Quilting Bee this can be and usually is a supportive environment to learn and share.

I know that making the service quilts has given us the spirit of the Quilting Bee. How great is that? Isn't this pinks, purple and greens just sweet. Shabby Chic in style it will quilt up beautifully.
Totally on trend with the modern interpretation of the nine patch this beauty is the popular Plus Sign. What a great idea to use this project for something so special. Its maker remarked that the plus sign will hopefully be a sign of positive energy for the person who receives it. It is also done, beautifully quilted. Now just take a look at the back!

Up Early before the sun even thought about rising I awaken with a restlessness that only creativity can cure.  A wise friend recently said to me..."quit cleaning and organizing, put two pieces of fabric together and just sew!" All right-y then. Heard that loud and clear and you were right. Dead right. Why do I procrastinate? Why do I over organize everything? I even organize the organizational structure of each project. There is comfort in structure for me.
Talk about great interpretation! The maker took a little collection of left over blocks, framed them with black and white panels and WOW, what a great quilt.
 Always, always a favorite, blue and gold, you can never go wrong...and set on point too. This is gorgeous. Much prettier in person, this will be a beautiful gift.

 And last, but not least, is this bright and happy compilation of 9 patch blocks. Here is the clincher. We are planning to back some of these quilts with polar fleece. No batting, no other backing. We will sew them right sides together, envelope style, turn and tie. We'll let you know how this all works out.
  • The quilting bee, in any form, is a traditional yet modern way for Sewists to come and share stories of life and encourage each other in life pursuits.
  •  We are trying something new. The fleece backing, I am excited. This may open the door to more service quilts, very warm, quicker to make.
  • Re-think the quilting bee. You can make yours anything you want it to be.

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