Sunday, March 1, 2015

Editorial:Continuing Education

 Recently I participated in a Sewists survey that targeted Baby Lock owners but the questions and direction could easily be applied to any person who uses a sewing machine. One segment interested me in particular because it clearly illustrates how sewing education has evolved over the last 5 years or so. I have made quite a few of the famous Jelly Roll quilts, these two are from that learning video.

Educating quilters and Sewists in general is BIG business. From the classes one receives from a top notch Sewing Machine Dealer to the U Tube videos sponsored by manufacturers and distributors of sewing notions the market is readily available for those who wish to learn the craft.
I first saw this string quilt design on a U-Tube video.
  Many professional quilters travel the country and sometimes beyond to teach their quilting method. As much as I like quilting I would grow weary of the travel very quickly. Teachers like Bonnie Hunter, Karen Kay Buckley and Elanor Burns must really rack up the frequent flyer miles. Last Summer I had the opportunity to attend a lecture/demonstration by one of the new rock stars in the quilting world, Jenny Doan. Her presentation and enthusiasm would have made the most cynical person want to learn to quilt. In a few weeks I am attending a two day workshop by Anita Goode Designs sponsored by the dealer where I purchased my new Babylock Unity machine. In order to learn the vcrsatility of the embroidery unit I need classes.
This quilt was the result of a Guild class learning to use the Accu-Quilt cutter dies and machine applique. Loved that class. It was the first class where I used my new Babylock Rachel. What a great little machine. Perfect for classes, portable, lightweight but sturdy while sewing. And if you read here regularly you know how I gave in to the thrill of the Accuquilt Go!

The Three Rivers Quilt Guild offers monthly classes as well. There is one in particular that interests me upcoming in June. Karen Kay Buckley will be teaching that one.  We have a great deal of talent within the Guild and several members share their knowledge and teach classes though out the year.

Beginner or Advanced quilters have many online opportunities as well. Whatever your interest just Google a key word for access to videos that will illustrate your inquiry. From free motion quilting to applique it is all there, free. Many of the videos will be introducing specialty tools, rulers, books. Your choice to purchase does not limit your viewing or learning. As a result of a video by Lynne Hagmeier I made this quilt and purchased the book where it was featured. The method of layering uses is one that I first viewed on a video. I would likely not have made a quilt like this if I had not seen it demonstrated.  

Loose Change
Summary Statement: 
  • Education is the key to satisfaction. No matter what the subject or the discipline, learning everything you can to enhance your experience will enrich your sewing life. 
  • Take advantage of all the online community has to offer. Videos, photo tutorials and blog reading will provide you with inspiration and motivation. 
  • Support your local Sewing Machine dealers and Quilt Shop owners. They have a wealth of knowledge to impart. Via classes, challenges and shop hops you will meet the most amazing people, people who share your passion. At any given time you may find someone who can help you make a pattern or color decision or you could be the one to share your knowledge and help a fellow Sewist. 
  • And for Heaven's sake, have fun! There really are NO quilt police. Those who pretend to be just that are missing the point. 
***As usual, no compensation is received or implied from Sewing Machine sellers or manufacturing entity, Quilt Teachers or their books or products for sale and certainly not from any blog or UTube video producer. I choose to remain un-sponsored. 


Jeanneke said...

Great blogpost! Very informative and inspirational. So joyfully and enthusiastically shared; thanks!

celkalee said...

Thank you Dear Friend. I think my favorite part of blogging is the research!

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