Friday, March 13, 2015

A Friday This and That, Some New (to me) Links and Best Wishes for the Week End.

 Hello, hello. I have seen the Sun, it is such a good thing! Having just returned from breading 500 lbs of fish let me tell you...I needed to see the Sun! My stubborn chick weed and some other broad leaf vine-y invaders have survived the Winter brilliantly. They are perky and green and spreading all among my perennial beds. We are going to be busy this Spring people, really busy.   

Quilts in various stages of completion, I am sure I am not alone with this issue. Starting, stopping, searching for 'just' the right fabric etc. You know what I mean. This log cabin example by one of the Ladies of the Cloth is one that just could not find its end for her. That's OK, pass it on. It is not unusual for one person to just stall out on a project when another sees all kinds of potential.

The week end is upon us and here's hoping it is a good one for you. If you have a few minutes please check out the links below for some eye candy and ideas. We always need ideas!  

I just had to share this beautiful sweater knitted by our Terri. What a talent. Not the best picture, I'm sorry Terri but your work is just beautiful!


Interested in a tea themed on line course? Check out the Republic of Tea on this link for more information. The course is free!

Interested in some stunning DIY? Ann of On Sutton Place shares her top 25 DIY tips with readers. You will be inspired. 

Left over fabric, yarn, etc. Do you need ideas on how to handle that particular stash. Pop over here and see how seemingly little bits of this and that can turn into something special.

A nice little videoon making an extra half square triangle when using a 10 inch pre-cut.

And last but not least...Please check out the amazing quilt on the 3/13/15 blog post at Piece N Quilt. Beautiful little blocks.

*as always I imply and receive no compensation from anyone for anything. My links are to showcase other talented and productive artists. 

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