Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quilting Style, Spring 2014

In the last three years I have seen the local evolution of the Modern Quilt Movement. At first it was very subtle and insidious at least at the show venue. In the shops I started seeing more bright colors, more white negative space, more solid fabrics. Some of the early prints seemed a little juvenile to me almost cartoonish like the 1970's Heaven forbid! But now those colors and prints seem more refined, more clearly executed in the printing.
This quilt is an example of the style I am seeing more and more. Large negative space, geometric designs. This photo doesn't show the quilt well, unfortunately.

While not entirely 'modern' to me, this lovely geometric design has a significant amount of white space that sets the design blocks in direct contrast. A nice clean and lively presentation. 

A traditional patern executed in lively 'modern' colors. Beautiful.

But make no mistake, beautiful traditional designs tend to dominate our show. This charming quilt caught my eye because the colors are so fresh but reminds me of a quilt that Husband's Grandmother had. I also like the straight line diagonal of the quilting. 

Please know that these are my observations and opinions, not the judges. I didn't even have time to read the judges comments. Next year I will make time. This quilt journey is a learning experience. I am attempting to learn by studying what I see. Until then, watch and learn says I.

***do you watch The Good Wife? Can you believe they killed off Will Gardener? Wow, that was a surprise! Apparently in the works for a long time, he only signed a four year contract. The interaction between him and Alicia drove the show for me, we will see where it goes now. Yeesh, another burst bubble! 

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Jeanneke said...

Oh, how beautiful are these quilts; moutwatering.
That's true quilters' gastronomy, a banquet, isn't it?


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