Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Comparitive Analysis

same chair, same porch, same little bench.....then
and now................................

Like a newly sharpened no. 2 pencil, a Monday morning beckons the creative spirit with promise. On a whim and a promise I signed up for a Craftsy class to learn 'continental' knitting vs. the English throw method I learned many moons ago. It seems so much more efficient. I can thread a needle with the finest thread using my left hand. But I have decided my left hand is knitting stupid. Plain and simple. It is better left for holding a needle and little else. I am already falling behind on my Downton Shawl challenge and that is frustrating. Since I have been doodling around trying to learn continental I have not reached my anticipated goals.

Back to the English I say. I purchased some dreamy Alpaca/Silk yarn for this project and I don't want to mess it up. I do that fairly well without really trying and I want this project to be fun, not frustrating. An icy blue bundle of beauty this!

MMM (Monday Morning Musings)

  • My Mother just celebrated her 96th Birthday. Recently ill,  she has rebounded and is doing well in a new nursing home. Resiliance. 
  • I wish my Son and my Dear DIL lived closer. Busy professionals, we have to schedule our monthly dinners just to see each other.
  • Two very dear Friends have just recovered from serious surgeries and are recuperating nicely. For this I am so grateful.
  • I just finished  Tish Jett's Forever Chic. Not my usual type of read, it was entertaining. A bit of fluff does the Winter weary heart some good now and then. Just started The Goldfinch, so far so good.   
  • I am doing some work on the blog, don't be surprised if things appear to be in transition, they are. 
Thanks you ever so much for reading. Have a lovely day.

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