Monday, December 16, 2013

The Monday Morning Before the Last Monday Before Christmas

9. Pigeons won't hesitate to devour a human whole.
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At this time of year,  I feel  like this!
Just some thoughts......
  • Why do we let the Holidays do this to us? No matter how well I plan and prep and consider, I always end up feeling like I am behind.
  • The Quilt I started for DIL is going to make a nice Birthday gift, in April, not a nice Christmas gift in December.
  • As a child I remember our Family celebrated by visiting each others homes admiring decorations, comparing toys and observing adults on their best behavior. 
  • It was a big deal to get our Christmas gifts from Corinne. She wisely chose our Christmas dresses before the Holiday so that we would all look so-darn-cute on the Day.
  • On Christmas Day we went to my Maternal Grandparents home.  Corinne was not much of a cook. We had the requisite Turkey dinner and at the kids table we also had a nice selection of canned Spaghetti. Good times.   
  • The grand stairway in their home was a play area. The oldest of the cousins got the landing and the top of the steps, the younger ones were left at the  bottom. It was drafty at the bottom. A pecking order so to speak. I was in the number two spot. Not bad. 
  • My Grandfather always sat in a big red leather chair in the parlor. In turn he would call each of the cousins to his side for a little chat. There was a matching footstool, we were permitted to sit there for longer conversations. He was kind and listened to our childish ramblings. Then we  would pootle away the rest of the afternoon until the long drive home.
  • There were no Shopping Malls then, therefore, no Mall shootings.
  • The only concerns were icy roads and having to eat that canned spaghetti. 
Hopefully I can get some decent light today for photo's. I have things to share.

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