Monday, December 9, 2013

A Fashion/Style Observation
Monday Morning musings have drifted over to the fashion arena. Last week was really busy on the style blogs. My conclusions after reading several of these for a couple years are that these ladies and a few men are very well informed on fashion and report trends etc. with a practiced eye and good faith. When an 'opinion' piece is presented, however, the PC throngs come out from behind trees to bash, cry foul and attempt to drive the conversation into negative territory. I do not assume in any way to be a "fashion/style" person, but like many of those who commented my opinions leaned with the author.

Style is such a personal thing.  Winter brings out the interesting combinations to keep us warm and toasty. Yesterday we had a freakish flash snow storm. Predicted for late afternoon, it greeted us as we were leaving church mid-morning with treacherous walkways and skidding cars. My dress was not inappropriate but the shoes, not so good. In the throes of this storm I needed to venture out for a function and donned the good old natty suede faux trimmed ankle boots. It was a sight I must say. My friend who joined me was donned in glorious fox and velvet beaded slippers. Lovely, her shoes are toast, by the way.

So here I go again with the observations. Summer brings out the worst of my snarkiness but I'm afraid but yesterday reminded me I need to take more care to be weather prepared! On that note, there was a bit of a bru-ha-ha over on A Femme Du Certain Age when Tish commented her opinion about the sloppiness of dress in air travel these days. Good grief! The comments were mostly supporting her opinions but several of the anonymous commenter's were right out there accusing her of  all sorts of things. The next two posts tell the subsequent evolution of the story

And a  lovely editorial on style in an everyday situation from 'French Essence' provides another opinion in a similar vein. This post describes an element of style in a London market. An elegant woman is spotted among the every day  persons and inspired the writer to look at her public presentation.

So that is as far as my brain can stretch this morning. Very busy week ahead, posts may be a bit spotty as I try to wrap up some projects. Until then................

*photo A New to Me blog, Back Roads Living.

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