Monday, November 18, 2013

Some New " Best of the Web Discoveries"

Ho Ho Ho Tree Skirt

 Ho, Ho, Ho to all who can whip up a tree skirt in a minute! Of course, that  would not be me........A charmer, this Santa might be right up your (proverbial) alley. Full instructions for applique, piecing and templates available  here.
While searching for inspiration I found some nice new to me blogs I wanted share. What an amazing resource we have in the Blogland!

First up Food:
    Apple Galettes
    Everything baking, cook wear, and gifts. Beautiful photography, fresh new recipes you will love this blog. Photo from the blog, go to Bakerella!
Next, Quilting:
Meet Shannon of I'im Working on a Project.  With scientific precision she shows a wide range of talents with a needle. Quilting, embroidery, purse making...on and on. Take a look at her beautiful blog.
im working on a project
photo from her blog and a Bloggers Quilt Festival entry.
Not to minimize Decorating passion:
This blog is not new to me but I don't think I have mentioned it here. Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence is not just a great designer but sort of a comedian on the side. You will love her closing statements. Sha-reeky!
Sherry Hart 
photo from the blog, I need her here!!!

And last but certainly not least, Garment making:
This is a tough one. There are many out there but I am always searching for the one who speaks to my age group and aging body. Not as easy as you might think. Right now the blogs are dominated by lovely young women with new and bright passion. They have such style. Now I seek that same passion with the age appropriate slant. With fashion passion, outstanding technical skills and a practiced eye Claire Kennedy of Sewing Artistry is the consummate Sewist. I knew I would connect with her after reading her extensive bio and "About Me" content on her blog. She also uses the Sewist label, my kind of creative spirit. A recent post about skirt length and proportion really struck a cord with me. I wear pants, trousers, jeans ALL the time and I am transitioning back to skirts for my wardrobe.
Claire KennedyThe beautiful Claire (photo from her blog) read her biography here.

Tomorrow I have a new Tea Set to share. One of the most beautiful in my collection.  A gift, it is very special.

***no compensation received or implied from any of the blog authors or their products or services or their sponsors, just want to share the good!   Later.........................

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