Thursday, November 21, 2013


Scrapbuster Star Block

Hello all you Scrappy Scrap busters! We all know if you Quilt you have scraps. I so admire those quilters who can fashion such beautiful blocks with the little bits and bobs. Here is the perfect example. Seemingly mis-matched fabric finds its design destiny! Instructions here.

My fashion sense is rather scrappy now too. Didn't used to be.
Lots of Fashion news on the webs these days. I suppose it was always there but I paid little attention. Too busy quilting.
  • That explains why I think elastic waist pants are fashion forward.
  • I heard a rumor not long ago that the famous/infamous 'platform' shoe is going away, again. Remember the 1970's? We can only hope. The whole feet like Frankenstein's monster look just does not work for me. Never did.
  • And speaking of decade style, the 1980's peplums are back in a very fresh and restrained manner. Hopefully, the shoulder pads will not resurface. Think Dynasty.
  •  You can never have enough coats, this becomes crystal clear about this time of year.
  • You can tell a persons spirit by looking at their socks. 
  • I find the decadent advertisements at this time of year for luxury cars, diamonds, cashmere, watches etc. rather unsettling. Now, that might be an income associated bias.
  • And another Holiday thing, the 'Fruit of the Month' gift. Who can eat that much fruit? My Father sent that one year, I still choke at the sight of a Naval Orange.
  • I really need to get a jump on sewing some sleepwear. If I ever have to run out of the house without proper dress the first responders will be 'passing-the-hat' not wearing it! I am not joking. 
  • Have you noticed the evolution of hosiery? I was in Macy's the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see plastic legs, hanging out by the escalator naked except for some beautiful patterned hosiery. I had a 1960's flashback. It was good. 
  • During my school years I used to work for another large retailer in the '60's and Holiday season in the women's intimates was much like a disaster movie. We sold nightwear and hosiery. Also girdles, now called Spanx. You had to be there, I was blessed to be the 'fitter,' now that was fashion trauma!
  • It is true, everything, and I mean everything old is new again. Even old scraps from your quilting stash can  be made into something bright and new. Have a wonderful day!

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