Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mid-week Musings

There is a story here, of course. Yes this is a Hellmann's Mayonaise Jar with folded US currency inside. My Quilty Friends and I have a thing going. More on that in the next two weeks. I know, how could she? It  is like having a secret, telling someone that you know this big secret but cannot tell.  

Back to Quilty Friends, Karen was working on this beautiful little quilt.
kaffe fabrics

Can you believe how great these colors are? There are several Kaffe fabrics in here. I am really starting to understand the whole color thing.

The back of this quilt is as nice as the front. Very nicely done, Bravo Karen!

Now in the land of Littles, no one does it better than our Rose.
little purse
Measuring about 4 1/2 inches finished, this little pouch was made from little squares sent as samples from mail order fabric stores. Little squares are the life blood for Rose.
Here she is, stitched, lined and quilted with a little thread chain and button. Sooooo, cute. This could be used for smalls storage in any handbag. Years ago I made a similar item for sturdy storage for tissues in my purse. Think cell phone, think keys, think lipstick. You get the idea.
the lining gives it a nice finish. If you are looking for gift ideas this might suit.

honey crisp
A new market opened in the area recently.  If you are traveling in the southern Pittsburgh area (Mt. Lebanon) and/or if you have Foodie tendencies you need to make a stop. The name- The Fresh Market. On the order of Whole Foods, this one had a great selection of lots of fresh stuff. This is a Honey Crisp apple. It is the largest one I have ever seen. It was wonderful, for me and another person. Too big for just me.

 Here is a new to me variety 'Aurora.' A cross between a Golden Delicious and another one (I forget) Mr. Sewtopia said it was wonderful. Also a big girl, and now that I think about it they were all really big!

That's all for now.  Are you enjoying the Fall Apple harvest?

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